The Why and What: ARCs

Since 2014, the FDNY ARCS Program was implemented to meet the New York City Building Code. The City of New York made it a requirement that all new construction high-rise buildings taller than 75 feet in height, must install and maintain ARCS. This system operates on two channels, channel 11 and channel 12. This enables direct communication and certifies that the FDNY can use this two-way radio communication system during an emergency response. The ARCS are in constant and continuous operation, even during a power outage, the internal battery immediately turns on in order to keep the FDNY communication availability at all times.

Auxiliary Radio Communication System

  • The system consists of three major components.
  • A RADIO AMPLIFICATION UNIT (RAU), houses all the communication equipment and back up batteries. The RAU is typically located in the cellar, in a two-hour fire rated room.
  • A DEDICATED RADIO CONSOLE (DRC), located in the lobby if a building, is installed adjacent to the fire command center.
  • A PASSIVE ANTENNA SYSTEM, which broadcasts the signal throughout the building. The system consists of antennas, and cable, located in a two-hour rated assembly.

The DRC has two functions:

  • Direct connections to the FDNY radio system, via handset, or a panel mounted speaker/microphone
  • An alarm panel which monitors the overall functionality of the system

Our Models

Our system is plug and play and non-proprietary, allowing the installer to connect and power up the system as soon as it is installed. That saves time and money, with no need to wait for a third party technician for initial startup and servicing.

Our unique approach to system designs, allows us to offer three models: Both housed in a red NEMA 4x cabinet.

NEWEST: Model VC121N

This model consists of TAIT TB9100 dual channel repeater with P25 capability, dual mode operation, smart AC/DC operation…

Model RC108N

This model consists of one dual channel TB 9100 Tait repeater, a lower powered duplexer/combiner a shorter cabinet…


Our user-friendly interface is a first of its kind. A 7” touch-screen display with icons that indicate basic alarms, as well as it integrates with any building management…

Model RC108A

This model consists of an active DAS infrastructure monitoring, one dual channel TB 9100 Tait repeater, a lower powered duplexer/combiner a shorter cabinet…

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