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May 3, 2021

It’s Construction Safety Week, May 3 through 7, and 2021 has taken on a holistic and comprehensive look, focusing not only on jobsite behavior and eliminating risk to workers, but extending the well-being message to off hours as well.

Construction Safety Week is an annual event from the Construction Industry Safety Initiative and the Incident and Injury-Free CEO Forum, with the two groups representing more than 70 national and global construction firms. “Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe,” the Construction Safety Week website states. “The construction industry, its clients and business partners take this opportunity to recommit to sending every worker home safe each day. In our industry, safety is a value and belief we all share.”

This year includes an emphasis on physically and mentally safe environments as part of safety cultures and programs and encourages everyone to share best practices and work together to strengthen the industry’s safety record.

As part of its advocacy, the Construction Safety Week website includes a variety of materials, videos, downloadable guides and Toolbox Talks covering a host of topics.  Construction companies are invited to share and submit their personal safety event success stories with the organization on the website. You can access all the resources here: Plan for Safety Week – Construction Safety Week.

Safety is a critical, overarching consideration at Marconi Technologies in the manufacture and installation of our Public Safety Radio Communications and ARCS solutions. ARCS from Marconi Technologies are focused on effective in-building communications in emergencies, resulting in safer outcomes for first responders.

You can learn more about our solutions here or contact us at office@marconitech.com for more information.