1/2″ ClearFill Copper Low Loss Air Dielectric Plenum Cable, Blue Jacket



1/2″ ClearFill Line Plenum-Rated Air-Dielectric Coaxial Cable for In-Building Applications


Coax Cable Features

  • Supports Multiple RF Signals
  • The solid outer conductor of the ClearFill® Line coaxial cable creates a continuous RFI/EMI shield that minimizes system interference.
  • RFS coaxial cable’s solid inner and outer conductors virtually eliminate intermods. Intermodulation performance is also confirmed with state-of-the-art equipment at the RFS factory.
  • Wide Range of Applications; Typical areas of application are: feedlines for plenum-space installations within occupied buildings or structures.


Coaxial Cable
Jacket Material Copper Clad Aluminum
Ship Weight (lbs.) 0.25
Attenuation (dB)
100 FT/30 MHz 0.358
100 FT/150 MHz 0.822
100 FT/450 MHz 1.48
100 FT/824 MHz 2.06
100 FT/960 MHz 2.24
100 FT/1500 MHz 2.88
100 FT/2000 MHz 3.4
100 FT/2300 MHz 3.69
100 FT/5800 MHz 6.23
General Characteristics
Max. Frequency 6 GHz
Propagation Velocity 91%
Overall Diameter(in) 0.627
Dielectric Extruded Polyethylene
Outer Conductor Annularly Corrugated Copper
Inner Conductor Copper Clad Aluminum
Min. Bending Radius(in) 4.8″
Warranty 5 Year
Shipping Method Less Than 350 Ft – UPS
Weight 0.26 lbs

Specs Sheet

Product Specification PDF, click on the icon below to download.

pdf BDA, ARCS Engineering & Design | Auxiliary Radio Communication | FDNY NYC



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