Type N Male for 1/2 in FSJ4-50B cable


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Type N Male for 1/2 in FSJ4-50B cable.


Electrical Specifications  
Connector Impedance 50 ohm
Operating Frequency Band 0 – 12000 MHz
Cable Impedance 50 ohm
3rd Order IMD, typical -120 dBm @ 910 MHz
3rd Order IMD Test Method Two +43 dBm carriers
RF Operating Voltage, maximum (vrms)  707.00 V
dc Test Voltage  2000 V
Outer Contact Resistance, maximum  0.30 mOhm
Inner Contact Resistance, maximum  2.00 mOhm
Insulation Resistance, minimum  5000 MOhm
Average Power 0.6 kW @ 900 MHz
Peak Power, maximum  10.00 kW
Insertion Loss, typical  0.05 dB
Shielding Effectiveness  -110 dB

Additional information


Stainless Steel



Specs Sheet

Product Specification PDF, click on icon below to download.

pdf F4PNMV2-HC [F4PNMV2_HC_2_jpg] BDA, ARCS Engineering & Design | Auxiliary Radio Communication | FDNY NYC



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