About Us

Fireman Marconi Tech ARCS

We are a business with it’s ground roots in the USA. 100% of all our products are proudly made in the USA.

Dealing with AHJ requirements can be time consuming and complicated. When you’re trying to put together a rapid deployment system that meets all listings, standards and compliances things quickly can become overwhelming.

Marconi takes the guesswork out of planning a top-performing ARCS/ERCES/BDA/DAS solution.

We work with you in the design stage, addressing signal coverage and new or existing requirements for any jurisdiction, code or building. We stay with you from start to final execution, providing guidance and final commissioning.

We fully back our manufacturing, testing all components before distribution.

Marconi Technologies is the solution to all IN BUILDING COMMUNICATION challenges.

The FDNY Approved Marconi ARCS system

Showcase of the Marconi ARCS systems