NEW! The ARCS Model VC121N Radio Amplification Unit (RAU)

The VC121N radio amplification unit (RAU) is a NEMA 4 rated cabinet Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS) that houses the key components of the ARC System. This includes a radio repeater, combiner/duplexer, power supply, sealed lead acid batteries, and data acquisition and monitoring unit. This system requires a 110V 20A direct line with a dedicated service switch and connects directly to the DRC (dedicated radio console CMD-V1) with (2) CAT 5 cables, one for data/power and one for voice.

Product Models

Based on similar base core configurations, Marconi ARCS foster ongoing product evolution and development, so you get the latest, state-of-the-art, non-proprietary technologies.

Save time and money from rapid, concise installation – no waiting for third-party tech services.

VC121N VC121N BDA, ARCS Engineering & Design | Auxiliary Radio Communication | FDNY NYC

NEW! Model VC121N

A slim, abbreviated design with sleek aesthetics designed for midrise buildings, Model VC121N fits well in ever-shrinking city footprints and small spaces.

It features a state-of-the-art touchscreen for interactive alarm condition monitoring, TAIT TB9100 dual channel repeater with P25 capability, dual-mode AC/DC operation and remote Dedicated Radio Console (DRC).

  • Smart capabilities monitor system parameters; remote management via web.
  • Self-test initiates every 24 hours, assessing cable and antenna for radio signal integrity. (Housed in NEMA-4 rated enclosure.)
1617897565469 e1617897682564 1617897565469 BDA, ARCS Engineering & Design | Auxiliary Radio Communication | FDNY NYC

Model RC108A

Currently – this is the FIRST and ONLY RAU that has been ETL Listed Approved on the market!

Designed for high-rise buildings, the RC 108A radio amplification unit (RAU) features active antenna and infrastructure monitoring for enhanced signal integrity. The RC 108A is a NEMA-4 rated cabinet that houses key ARCS components, including radio repeater, combiner/duplexer, power supply, sealed lead acid batteries and active antenna monitoring.

  • Easy servicing of components from single-sided access.
  • Data acquisition unit monitors all system parameters.
Dedicated Radio Console (DRC) for ARCS

Dedicated Radio Console (DRC)

Housed in a flush-mount backbox for vandal protection, this sleek and user-friendly interface features a future-ready 7-inch touchscreen design with colored icons for system status at a glance. Connects first responders via audio to repeater system through handset or on-board microphone and speaker. ARCS health indicator data displays numerical voltage, signal, battery, temperature and connectivity status.

  •  Yields direct connection and communication to the FDNY radio system through handset or onboard speaker/microphone.
  • Control panel and interface to monitor/assess system notifications.
1617890181781 e1617896989519 1617890181781 BDA, ARCS Engineering & Design | Auxiliary Radio Communication | FDNY NYC

Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA / ERCES / DAS)

The MT-321N – Bi-Directional Amplification unit (BDA) is a NEMA 4 rated cabinet that houses all the components of the BDA System. This includes a configurable .5 to 2 watt amplifier, power supply, sealed lead acid batteries and data acquisition and monitoring unit. This system requires a 110V 20A direct line, and connects directly to the Remote annunciator (CMD-1) with a single CAT 5 cable.

  • 6 dry contact outputs, for inter-connection to any fire alarm panel (supervisory signals).
  • Feeds to RA (remote annunciator) touch screen, monitoring of alarm conditions.

Marconi Technologies is leading the industry with Innovating Design and Features for In-Building Communications

Critical Communications

The FDNY ARCS Program (Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems), leveraging licensed citywide radio frequencies, began in 2014 to meet the New York City Building Code and ensure communications among first responders in an emergency. New construction high-rise buildings taller than 75 feet must install and maintain ARCS, for in-building communications. ARCS operate 24/7 even during a power outage with on-board battery backup. Complete ERCES and BDA solutions for all jurisdictions also available.

The Marconi Difference

Marconi Auxiliary Radio Communication System ARCS/BDA are engineered as a complete system to reduce deployment complexity so every implementation is simple and straightforward. No guessing, awkward configurations or special programming. Ensured/reliable performance for every customer spec.

  • ARCS Auxiliary Radio Communication System consist of a Radio Amplification Unit (RAU); Dedicated Radio Console (DRC); and Passive Antenna System.
  • RAU houses all communication equipment and backup batteries. DRC is installed adjacent to the fire command center. Passive Antenna System broadcasts the in-building signal and consists of antennas and conduit-housed cable for two-hour fire survivability rating.
Fireman Marconi Tech ARCS
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