Due to the recent changes with the FDNY requirements, we would like to inform you of the changes to insure our premier and expedited services. We request that you read the following procedures:

The FDNY “Owners Agreement” is accompanied with each ARCS project. The document is prepared by the plan expeditor/filer, it is then submitted to ownership for signature and filed with the ARCS filing documents. Once the plans and documents are approved by the FDNY, it is returned to the plan expeditor/filer (without the FDNY’s signature on the owner’s agreement), the ARCS agreement must be submitted back to FDNY’s legal department for final review and acceptance. Upon approval, the FDNY will mail back the ARCS agreement to the address written on the agreement. This agreement will be required to file for the “ARCS Commissioning Filing”.

We therefore request that ownership reviews and verifies the address on the agreement. It is in the responsibility of the customer to retrieve this document from ownership and have it scanned/sent to us immediately, prior to the ARCS commissioning filing.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us insure our premier and expedited services!

See this notice here.